Thursday Lunch Group 24 Year Anniversary

4 April 2016

On 4 April 2016, a special meeting was held at the usual venue in Mt Eden to celebrate the 24th Anniversary of the 'Thursday Lunch Group'.

The Thursday Lunch Group was established in 1992 by Denise Civil, Ellen Brinkman and Claire Chambers, as an informal support group for architects to share knowledge, resources and general information with their colleagues. The structure for this group led the way in the formation of Small Practice Groups (SPG) to aid with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) after the establishment of the NZRAB and the Registered Architects Act 2005. While the profession was debating the fairness of the CPD requirements and its impact on small practices, the Thursday Lunch Group quietly announced that they had a good working structure that had been in place formally for years. A wonderful example of solutions for 'fringe' architects (yes, women were completely outnumbered in 1992) being applied to the dominant group.


The Thurday Lunch Group were finalists for the Munro Diversity Award in the A+W•NZ Awards 2014.

The image below is taken from the A+W•NZ Awards 2014 publication, designed by Catherine Griffiths Studio.