Julie Wilson

Architectural Graduate Practicing
Studio Wilson Lawson / South Pacific Architecture

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I am a Co-Founder of Architecture+Women.NZ, A Professional Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning and a Collaborative Associate at South Pacific Architecture. Since graduating in 2003 my creative practice pursuits and interests have been realised in a broad range of architectural and design projects, but the auxiliary roles I enjoy as an educator, advocate and collaborator support a diverse engagement with the architectural and academic professions.

Project Title
'In Symmetry - Middle and Center' From: The Ground Is Talking To Us
Exhibition: 'The Ground Is Talking To Us' Research and Practice - A Retrospective Exhibition 2000 - 2020 Julie Wilson + Megan Rule / South Pacific Architecture Graphite and ink drawings on paper, selected built and unbuilt projects, photography and furniture
Year of Completion
Exhibition / Built + Unbuilt Projects
Designer / Artist / Curator