Tereza Gregorova

Architectural Designer
GHD Limited

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Driven Architecture Graduate with passion for social development facilitated by sustainable design practice Tereza's approach to design is deeply rooted in sustainability principles, and she is passionate about delivering functional, human centred concepts and methodologies. Her design practice is enriched by her former 3yr professional experience in Project Management Administration and Business Development, as well as environmental activism and academic research. She makes creative and confident design decisions informed by her interdisciplinary experience and accurate assessment of client's needs.

Project Title
Social Co-housing
Cohousing is often presented as the solution to our housing crisis. However, just as the current discussion, it seems to overlook the fact that existing co-housing projects in Aotearoa are no more affordable or obtainable by our most vulnerable than properties developed through the concurrent models. This project interrogates the viability of co-housing principles used for the development of our social housing, and provision of alternative communal living.
Year of Completion
Final Submission Year 3