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Meagan Wrinch

NZ Registered Architect Practicing
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Meagan Wrinch
I'm a registered architect with over ten years of experience in commercial design projects. I have worked at Chow:Hill Architects for the past 10 years where I have had a wide range of Project experience including a wide range of buildings, from multi-unit residential to healthcare facilities, industrial buildings, Education, and office design.

I am passionate about building strong client relationships and 3d visualisation as a communication tool. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in design development, technical documentation, consultant coordination, project management, and construction administration.
Available to Mentor
I got registered in 4 years out of university as I knew I wanted to start a family, and it would be significantly more difficult to complete case studies and study once I had children. Sharing my experience of this might be helpful. I currently work full time in a commercial architecture firm and have two small children, 2 years old and 4 years old ( my husband works full time as an engineering project manager with Fonterra) I have had experience working 3 day / 4 days and full time.

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