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Milla Saris

NZ Registered Architect Practicing
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Milla Saris
I have been a Registered Architect since July 2022, and my dedication to professional growth is unwavering. My ultimate ambition is to assume a leadership position within a company, whether it be my own venture or within an organization that shares my passions and values. Currently, I am proudly serving as the Sustainability Lead at Solari Architects, channeling my enthusiasm towards the realm of affordable and sustainable housing.
Looking For a Mentor
I am actively seeking a mentor who can guide and support me in my journey to become a prominent leader in the NZ Architecture industry. Whether I am aiming to excel as an associate or aspire to a director-level position, I am committed to continuously developing my skills and expertise. Having a mentor who can provide valuable insights, share their experiences, and offer constructive guidance would be invaluable in helping me reach my full potential and achieve my professional goals.


Liffey St Townhouses

Resource consent project for 8 townhouse in a sloped character suburb in Wellington
Year of Completition
Resource Consent
Project lead
Liffey St Townhouses