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Sarah Cheetham

Architectural Designer
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Sarah Cheetham
I am the Lead Architectural Designer at Emma Brown Design a role I have been in for the last year and a bit.

I have a Bachelors in Architecture, and Masters in Interior Architecture. Working in the Architecture realm for 7 years I was ready to take the next step and get my LBP. This has allowed me the additional freedom to create peoples dream spaces in their entirety.



Client Brief
Our clients, a young group of entrepreneurs, came to us with the concept of starting a noodle restaurant. The brief - a friendly, energetic, and dynamic atmosphere. The challenge - a super small budget. Beyond a tenancy they were keen on, and their vision of creating their own noodles for their Asian-fusion restaurant they didn't have much of an aesthetic in mind. It was then over to us, and so the fun began…

Design & Construction Solution
Understanding that the budget was going to be gobbled up by the requirements of building compliance regulations and mandatory fit out expenses of a commercial kitchen, our design had to use budget friendly, out of the box methods. Our research took us to places like Motel Mexicola in Bali, Kiss Kiss in Auckland and Rice Rice Baby in Mount Maunganui. These places had interiors that sparked conversation, promoted fast paced dining and provided the ‘wow’ factor that we were looking for.

Interior painting of the tenancy was part of the construction brief and we considered this a prime opportunity to push the boundaries of design. We explored how far we could transform the space with paint and colours from the logo. It was important to us to ensure the restaurant wasn't just all paint and we used a large cluster of white paper lanterns to break the uniformity of the ceiling grid and provide ambience at night. We also considered the materiality of the counter front, using Laminex’s demi round, almost mimicking dried ramen noodles.

Misoi encapsulates everything a friendly, dynamic, fast paced Asian-fusion restaurant should. While this fitout is very budget friendly, the love and soul created by the interiors and food made here speaks volumes.

Design Team:
Hannah Thomas
Emma Brown
Year of Completition
Commercial Fitout
Interior Designer + Architectural Designer for consent