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Nicki Petreceli Sartori

Architectural Graduate Practicing
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Nicki Petreceli Sartori
I have a deep interest in biophilic design and medium density housing developments, and providing a higher quality of living in a compact environment with efficient architectural design.

On a more personal note, I am Italian, but grew up in NZ, I am passionate about sewing, gardening, furniture building and upcycling old things to extend their lifespan. Creating things that will last the test of time.

I am new to the architecture world and would like to create new ties with professionals in the industry.
Looking For a Mentor
Someone passionate for what they do and willing to share of their knowledge and experience regarding the whole building process. Someone with a deep interest in architectural theory, who is always questioning the why and how, who looks to push architecture forward. Someone who understand beauty, and its importance to the world and the well-being of humans.