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Henrietta Olivier

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Henrietta Olivier
My core passion in life is the story of an individual, I want to create spaces where society can embrace uniqueness.

In 2020 I started Architecture and it expanded my creative and empathetic abilities to delve deeper into the design iterations which inspire innovative designs. I have always been driven to design and loved any creative environment. In Design and Graphics at school I learnt about design limits, it was also in these classes where I learnt that design limits are only there because they have not been challenged and that is my goal in life.
Looking For a Mentor
I am looking for a genuine mentor. One that will tell me when I have stuffed up but he or she is there to help me get back up. I want to be challenged to create difficult designs that truly make a change in the world. I want the profits I make one day to provides schools and building in parts of the world where they can't provide for themselves. I want tasks to take home and work on, I want to go on site and work with builders for a couple of weeks. I want someone to be straight-forward.