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Shakira Cowles

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Shakira Cowles
I am currently studying my BAS at Ara institute of Canterbury, finishing my studies at the end of 2023
Looking For a Mentor
Assistance on becoming a women in the architectural industry as well as navigating the industry itself


Transitional Architecture Pavillion

For my enclosure and structural systems, I decided to use rammed earth after conducting an excavation for my desired design concept. This was my first time working on a pavilion-style architectural design, and the diverse brief presented various constraints that needed to be addressed. Overall, working on this unique design brief for such an essential site was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It allowed me to gain a more profound understanding of the site and Sir Miles Warren's design style, and how I can incorporate these into my own personal architectural design style. The project provided me with valuable insights into the importance of context and how it can be utilized to inspire architectural design. It also enabled me to explore and develop my own personal design philosophy, which I believe will continue to shape my future work in the field.
Year of Completition
Pavilion concept design
Transitional Architecture Pavillion