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Rana Abboud

CODESSI Sydney - VIVID Light Festival 2013 Email them
Rana Abboud
AIA registered architect



An interactive sound and light installation commissioned by Destination NSW, and installed at The Rocks, Sydney for the VIVID 2013 Light Festival.

DIGITALIS is conceived as a genetically modified breed of the toxic plant Digitalis Purpurea. Low-tech recyclable materials are used in unusual ways to create an interactive presence: crumpled plastic cups become flower bells with glowing LED stamen.

This franken-plant responds to ‘threats’ on its territory in the same way as a rattlesnake warns off predators by rattling its tail. Each plant stem is linked to a proximity sensor that is triggered when people approach it. The activated sensor triggers a motor that vibrates the plant, causing its fluorescent cups to clatter against one another. Simultaneously, the plant’s dimmable LED lights glow brighter.

Project Team: Rana Abboud, Ewen Wright. Photos by Through Vin's Lens. For more , see
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Interactive Sound & Light Installation
Designer & Maker