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19 Jul 2023
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A very big thank you to all the nominators and nominees for submitting your nominations and supporting Architecture + Women NZ Dulux Awards 2023. We received a large number of entries and we were thrilled with the calibre of nominees.

Watch our finalist announcement video here, or down below!

AW 2023 Trophies BW 01
The three beautiful 2023 trophies, designed and made by Ainsley O'Connell

Wirihana Emerging Leadership Award

The second decade beyond graduation is significant for all architectural careers, and statistics show that it is during this time that gender has a significant impact. This category is neither a graduate award nor a mid-career award, but is instead aimed at the career stage between those two, when women so often lose their visibility. This award category aims to maintain the presence of emerging leaders in the profession’s eye.

Charlotte Hoare
Haley Hooper (Ngāpuhi)
Kelly O’Sullivan
Raukura Turei (Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki, Ngā Rauru Kitāhi)
Sally Ogle

Munro Diversity Award

This award category is open to all genders, and aims to highlight the important work carried out by so many in the promotion of equity and diversity in architecture. Architectural excellence is supported by the inclusion of many voices, and this award celebrates the often invisible work of those that strive for an equitable profession. We are very proud of this award category, which we believe to be the only of its kind in any New Zealand architectural awards programmes.

Dorita Hannah
Jessica Halliday
Kathy Waghorn
Tessa Forde with Groupwork + Pre-fab

Chrystall Excellence Award

There are many women who have led expanded and full careers in architecture over several decades, and this award category gives visibility to those who may become role models to younger generations and students. In addition to excellence in a body of work, this award takes into account mentorship and the contribution to the community.

Anna-Marie Chin
Jane Rooney
Julia Gatley
Sharon Jansen
Sue Evans

Congratulations to all the finalists. We received a large number of entries, and we were thrilled with the calibre of nominees, so your selections are to be celebrated!

AW Awards 2023 Jury
(L-R) Justine Clark, Sarah Treadwell, Carinnya Feaunati, and Craig Moller

Jury Deliberations

On a cold winters day, our Jurors - Carinnya Feaunati, Craig Moller, Justine Clark and Sarah Treadwell met in Auckland to deliberate on the awards to decide on 5 Finalists and 1 winner for each of the award categories –

01 Chrystall Excellence Award, 02 Munro Diversity Award, and 03 Wirihana Leadership Award.

It was an exciting day and we thank the Jurors for being incredibly well prepared, thoughtful, and inspiring in the thoughts and conversations they brought to this process.

All categories were incredibly competitive and made for some insightful and robust decision making

Awards Evening 16th September 2023

The winners of the awards will be announced at the A+W NZ Dulux Awards evening, held at The Northern Club in Auckland, 7pm Saturday 16th September 2023. Tickets will be available for purchase from the 26th July.

Thank you to Dulux for sponsoring the awards, they wouldn’t be possible without your generous support.

Thank you also to Ainsley O'Connell for crafting the beautiful sculptures for the trophies, and to Catherine Griffiths, the designer of the awards graphics and publication.

AW 2023 Awards St D